About Libby

new room3 cropLibby Schofield is a poet and author from a small community in mainland Nova Scotia, currently residing in Halifax where she studies at the University of King’s College. She has been writing poems and short stories for as long as she can remember, and is usually working on one novel idea or another. Her work has appeared online, in magazines, in three Canadian anthologies, and she wrote the narration and synopsis for a local rendition of The Nutcracker.

Her interests include Tudor history, classic and fantasy novels, feather-collecting, quoting Oscar Wilde, wandering aimlessly through the woods, and the mass consumption of chocolate and tea. She can be found on Twitter complaining about public transit.

Libby’s fantasy novel Arden is waiting on her C: drive to be rewritten, and she is currently working on a contemporary YA novel titled Ingrid (Another Pretentiously Self-Titled Novel). Her anthology The Night is Starry: A Collection of Poems and Short Stories was released August 14, 2013 and she has tentative plans for another anthology to be released in 2015. Her short story The Carpenter was released as an ebook in June 2014.

To learn more about Libby, her writings, her interests, and her rather loud opinions, visit her blog, her old blog, and follow her on Twitter. You can also read an interview here.



5 thoughts on “About Libby

  1. I’m with ya on the feather collecting, forest wandering, fantasy novel pursuing and chocolate consumption:) But, I never got into Wilde or any other “classic” poet/author. I’m always striving to do my own thing rather than reproduce others’ works.

    1. Doing my own thing is what I do! I’m very good at it, actually! I’m simply inspired by the beautiful words of Wilde and to reach the same level of beauty I admire in his works, especially De Profundis, which is the most powerful thing I’ve ever read. Ah, yes, chocolate. Tis a wondrous thing!
      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      1. I feel like a caveman for not being more versed in literature. But, I find myself more often quoting song lyrics or TV/movies. I need to find a fancy word for an educated couch potato:P…though I am not a couch potato anymore.

        My pleasure:) I like the glasses.

          1. They are? But, how does one “compareth” 😛 “common” music and “mindless entertainment” to the written word of a “master” writer?:D Bah. There are more and greater wonders to this world than a young wizard in the making. And, only time will tell if he is regarded as legendary or merely the flash in the pan. I’d be more inclined to reference Moulin Rouge than Harry Potter…for whatever reason:P

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