Help: How does one run a writing workshop?

Dear writing friends,

During the summer I was recruited to run a four-hour writing workshop (aimed mostly at teens) in October. It’s October. The workshop is a few weeks away, and while I have some ideas, this will be my first time. I’m new at this. Any and all advice (regarding exercises, do’s and don’ts, anything at all!) from you lovely people will be welcomed and received with great enthusiasm. Please feel free to leave a comment, message me on Twitter, or email me at

Thank you!

Libby xxx

Photo by yours truly.
Photo by yours truly.

2 thoughts on “Help: How does one run a writing workshop?

  1. I did a workshop for about 70 teen writers last fall. What worked was keeping them active. I spoke about the importance of using all the senses when writing description. I read a couple of good examples from well known books and one of mine. The I gave each table a picture of a scene (I had some good pictures them from calendars I had been saving) and had them write a one page description of the picture using more than one sense. I had a few of them read what they wrote. They came up with some amazing stuff. They said they loved the exercise. Hope this helps and gives you a few ideas. Good luck!!

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