10 things I’ve learned about life since graduating

I honestly considered leaving the rest of this blank, but then I would be lying, kind of.

A couple weeks ago, I graduated. I tossed that silly graduation cap in the air (and then couldn’t find it, so the guy behind me gave me the extra one he caught) and embraced all my teachers and friends for a final, emotional goodbye.

I then didn’t sleep for 36 hours, and then napped periodically until I could function like a normal human being again.

But I have learned some things in my thus-far window of time where I am not a high school student and not a university student.

1. I learned that eating a jalapeño pepper at 4:30 am does not help any of the systems in your body, but rather hinders all of their functions.

2. In getting a job right after my return from zombie-ness, I learned that getting up at seven in the morning is when other people usually get up. I haven’t yet learned how to do it easily.

3. Showering and eating take up ridiculous amounts of time.

4. Keeping maintenance up on social media is hard. Hello.

5. Keeping in touch with friends requires effort, or else they (or you) will slip into the void.

6. I’m bad at managing my personal time.

7. It’s important to be friendly.

I don’t understand this reference but it made me laugh.


9. There are people smarter than you. Also less smart. Sometimes both. But they might be interesting to have a conversation with. 

10. Listen to everything Winnie the Pooh ever taught you because the 100 Acre Woods gang knows what’s up, I swear they are the wisest characters to ever exist.

Also, some fun stuff because I’ve been neglecting you:

English Afternoon and The Carpenter, two short stories by yours truly, will be published next week. (Link to be placed here when available.)

Why we need ugly heroines. 

A Pride and Prejudice board game.

This super awesome video about self image.

Ten Poems to Change your Life by Roger Housden.

A really fun song to jam to this summer. 

50 Things You Didn’t Know About Halifax (OSCAR WILDE WAS IN HALIFAX GUYS).

How is your summer going? 🙂


8 thoughts on “10 things I’ve learned about life since graduating

  1. The friendly mushroom cloud!!! It’s from Avatar: The Last Airbender!! 🙂 I recently watched all 60 episodes over the course of three days… It was great. :3

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