Sofia Brie Child-Milbey?

During the summer I read the Gemma Doyle series by Libba Bray (a fun sort of reading that summers are meant for), where the main characters explored the idea of anagrams to hide one’s identity. You can read more about anagrams here, but basically the idea is you rearrange the letters of a name, phrase, or word to create a new one. Ann Bradshaw became Nan Washbrad, and the word orchestra has an anagram of carthorse, Tom Marvolo Riddle became “I Am Lord Voldemort.” You get the idea.

It reeks of adorable letters between secret, forbidden friends or lovers, Victorian serial killers, and women disguising their names to further their works.

I was intrigued by the idea. If I had a pen name, it might be a neat idea to simply rearrange the letters of my real name. It would be sneaky, very sneaky, and I would have a good laugh about it.

Not so simple when you’re just using a piece of paper and your brain (I’m sure there are generators out there, but this was more fun). It took about an hour with a friend to come up with one for me, after several attempts where my name was Billy or Bob or Dilda. The final result? (As so helpfully given away by the title of the post…)

Sofia Brie Child-Milbey.

Well, that’s the not best name for an author out there, but it’s pretty interesting nonetheless. Sofia Child-Milbey. S.B. Child-Milbey.

Either way, it was fun trying to come up with something, and it killed some time with some good laughs. You can probably come up with something at least half decent, unlike poor T.S. Eliot who mourned that “My name is only an anagram of toilets.”

Try it! What would your anagram be? I want to know!



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