A Post in Which Libby Summarizes A Lot

Time! Wha — who? I don’t understand.

The leaves have turned, and whenever I have the opportunity to be outside, I take especial satisfaction in hearing the crunch of them beneath my boots. Boots! Sweaters! Scarves!


Well, yes. But no.

I read Laura Best’s Flying With a Broken Wing last week — or the week before? — and I adored it. I had planned on doing a full review, but, you know, time. Cammie is a wise and witty protagonist, and the community is a stunning setting for Cammie’s story. I didn’t want the book to end. Sequel? Laura? I would love to know what happens to Cammie. My sister, to whom I lent the book, came storming up to me with the words, “I hate Aunt Millie. And I love Laura’s book! It’s SO good! But Aunt Millie. Eugh.”

What else?

Novel writing. Sort of. I found my lost brainstorming notebook and am doing a lot of brainstorming — mostly in my brain, though, and as notes in my phone during my transit time.

Tea. Definitely. It was a key player in getting over my annual September/October cold. And comforting me.

Life decisions. Yes. See above line.

Busy. Y-E-S.

Back to writing. The Night is Starry  should be published as an ebook sooner than later, hopefully, and I’m selling print copies a la “from my car.” Another anthology, yet untitled, should be published this summer, this time a series of interrelated short stories based around a university art project and the students involved.

Pumpkin spiced latte. I need to try one, but haven’t yet.

What else am I reading? Right now I’m reading Cibou by Susan Young Biagi upon near-forced request from a friend. She literally put it in my hand and said, “Read.” That was in June…but hey, I’m reading it, and loving it. I feel bad for putting it off this long.

I actually have blog posts planned, in which I will actually share actual ideas and they will not be me blathering on about how busy and uncreative I’m being. But for now, what are you reading? Have any recommendations?

If you’re interested in keeping update to date with some of my smaller musings and rambles (which I promise are at the least as amusing as a bathtub with clawed feet and at the most as amusing as Benedict Cumberbatch talking in his sleep), follow me on Twitter!


6 thoughts on “A Post in Which Libby Summarizes A Lot

  1. Sounds like you are living a pretty normal life to me. I just finished reading A Constellation of Vital Phenomena by Anthony Marra which was excellent. Laura’s book is on my TBR list. You must try a Pumpkin Spice Latte but we warned, you will be hooked.

    1. It’s really hard getting in time to write! I loved Laura’s book — you definitely will, too. Thanks for the heads up! I’ll approach the pumpkin spiced latte with caution. 😉

  2. Well, just getting around to seeing this. Wow! Glad you enjoyed the book!

    Hate aunt Millie? Nooooooooo! lol! I have to be honest I know what happens next, I just have to get time to write it all down. Aunt Millie is a hard nut but her meanness did make me giggle a few times. Maybe I’m just twisted. lol!

    1. Mean characters are the most fun to write! I can see why you harbour a fondness for dear ole Aunt Millie. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for the sequel. 😉

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