I’m back blogging, baby!

Terrible title, I know. But I couldn’t resist.

Blogging is a lot of work, which is why for the last several months I was on a blogging hiatus over at my old blog, Let Them Grumble. During this time frame, I put together my first collection of poetry/short stories and wrote 10 000 words on my new contemporary YA novel (huzzah!).

But I missed blogging.

This is why I’m picking it up again, but not on Let Them Grumble. This is my new blog. Welcome. Greetings. Live long and prosper.

I’m still going to be focusing on working on my current project (I want the first draft to be finished by the end of October), but I’m planning on posting once or twice a week — about writing, reading, interesting things I read or write or find. Pictures or rhymes or rambles. Thoughts or questions or ideas. Perhaps a quote. Perhaps a word.

But the fact of the matter is, I’m back blogging, baby!




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