Libby Schofield is a recent Hamilton transplant from rural Nova Scotia. She is a graduate student pursuing an Interdisciplinary Masters of Art degree in Gender Studies and Feminist Research from McMaster University. Her area of research encompasses the ways gender influences health—and in turn, how state apparatuses and policy influence gendered, sexual, and reproductive health.

Her independent research project focuses more specifically on feminist pro-choice narratives, reproductive health policy, patient-centered research, and reproductive justice as pertaining to Mifegymiso in Canada. She has an emerging interest in feminist organizations and community efforts in increasing access to sexual and reproductive healthcare, particularly where policy has hindered accessibility.

As someone who came to academia with a background in poetry and fiction writing, Libby also has an interest in fine arts, creative writing, communications, and marketing, particularly where centered around community organizing and local/small businesses. Her interest in accessible arts appreciation and education partially stems from her involvement with the Elizabeth Bishop Society of Nova Scotia, which promotes and supports artists in Nova Scotia.

Libby is interested in working with non-profit, feminist, grassroots organizations that are oriented towards social justice and anti-oppressive community frameworks. Additionally, she is interested in working to promote arts, literacy, and communication education and appreciation with local organizations and small business in the Hamilton  area.